Consolidation of Law Enforcement Capacities in Albania - Pameca IV is an EU funded technical assistance project, which through its expertise drawn from EU Member States will assist key Albanian law enforcement agencies in the JHA sector to bring the performance of project beneficiaries, in particular the Albanian State Police (ASP) and General Prosecutors Office (GPO), as the key beneficiaries of the project, closer to EU standards.

Latest News

Considering the importance that Road Code amendments and provisions on vehicular homicide (proposed amendments to Criminal Code) entail, PAMECA IV deployed Mr. Alessandro Abruzzini for a two day mission which took place during the 17th and 18th of October 2016.

Mr. Abruzzini works in the Legal Department of the Directorate of … Read More

In the framework of the Activity 5.4., “Assessment of the infrastructure and the technical equipment for border control at the air, land and sea border and at the IMOC with a view to further enhance border surveillance at the blue border”, PAMECA IV organized the second workshop for the IMOC … Read More

Today the MoIA promoted the use of electric cars donated to the ASP fleet by OShEE (Albanian Electric Energy Distribution Company) in a visibility event performed at the MoIA yard. The TL of PAMECA IV was invited to the event and attended.

OShEE donated to the ASP 11 WV e-golf electric … Read More

EU-border control has to comprise border checks and border crossing points in strict accordance with the Schengen Borders Code and adequate surveillance of the border sections between the authorized border crossing points, so that bypassing the checks is made impossible.

PAMECA IV, IBM,  supported by the OSCE and the Albanian border … Read More

Today the TL of PAMECA IV attended the inauguration ceremony of the rebuilt Rapid Reaction Unit premises.

This area of approximately 16’000 square meters, is the house, training ground, working place of approximately 250 people of the Tirana RRU (FNSh). All premises including dormitories, gymnasium, dining hall, training areas, shooting range, … Read More

The Italian Deputy General Director of State Police also Director of the Criminal Police Central Directorate, Mr. Antonino CUFALO, accompanied by the PAMECA IV Project Leader, Director of Italian International Police Cooperation Service, Mr Gennaro Capoluongo, were in an official visit to Tirana on 20 -22 September 2016.

In Tirana, the … Read More

Representatives from the Republic of Austria and the Republic of France met today in Rome with the main partner of PAMECA IV project, Italy, to assess the  progress of the project.
The meeting was hosted by the Italian Criminal Police Central Directorate.

In the framework of the Component Four, Activity 4.2, PAMECA IV organised a study visit in Cesena for the General Director of Security Academy Mr. Bilbil Mema and the Director of Traffic Police, Mr. Mitat Tola.
The study visit took place from the 13th – 15th of July 2016 and it … Read More

Nga data 22-23 qershor, komponenti i PAMECA IV për Menaxhimin e Integruar të Kufirit kreu një seminar tek Qendra e Mbyllur për Emigrantët e Parregullt në Karreç. Qëllimi i këtij seminari ishte të trajnohej stafi i Karreçit mbi ndihmën e parë dhe masat që mund të merren në situata fatkeqe … Read More