Consolidation of Law Enforcement Capacities in Albania - Pameca IV is an EU funded technical assistance project, which through its expertise drawn from EU Member States will assist key Albanian law enforcement agencies in the JHA sector to bring the performance of project beneficiaries, in particular the Albanian State Police (ASP) and General Prosecutors Office (GPO), as the key beneficiaries of the project, closer to EU standards.

Latest news

The Team Leader of PAMECA IV, Mr Butini was invited to speak to journalists from various EU countries in an event organised in Tirana at the premises of General Directorate of the Albanian State Police. This event was organised by DG Enlargement.

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In the framework of PAMECA IV Work Plan and in particular of Activity 2.1, which provides support to further enhance the investigation capacity of ASP and GPO in the fight against organized crime, PAMECA IV organised the Workshop on “Introducing best EU experience on setting up and organising proactive investigations on … Read More

PAMECA IV an indispensable instrument in the progress achieved

On 10 March 2016, PAMECA IV held the sixth Stakeholders’ Committee co-chaired by PAMECA IV Team Leader, Mr Butini, Director of the Albanian State Police, Mr Haki Çako and Mr. Kostaq Beluri, Director of Task Force Directorate at the General Prosecutor’s … Read More

On 23/24-25 February 2016 organized a Training Course on “Identification and Trafficking of Stolen Vehicles”. The Course was delivered by Mr. Raffaele Chianca, a PAMECA IV-recruited Short-term Expert, and was attended by 22 senior police officers of anti-trafficking and traffic police, coming from 12 Local Police Directorates.

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Recently, Pameca IV encouraged and assisted  Albanian State Police in its efforts to modernize its service and better respond to public concerns in :

Selection and recruitment of future motorcycle users/drivers
Drafting the curricula for the training of police motorcycle users
Taking necessary measures for the conduct of training course for motorcycle drivers/users … Read More

After having provided training for covert entry into premises for the Infiltration Team of the SOF and in order to continue support for this sector, PAMECA IV has delivered a practical training on Covert Entry into Vehicles from 25 – 29 of January 2016.

Taught by a  well experienced Italian STE … Read More