Workshop on “Communication with Social Media”


Workshop on “Communication with Social Media”

PAMECA V organised a training workshop on Technical Aspects of Social Media on 20 September 2018. This training was dedicated to the Spokespersons and Public Relations Officers of Ministry of Interior, Albanian State Police of central and local Directorates and Republican Guard.

Ms Lucia Muscari Head of Press Office of Deputy General Director of Italian State Police emphasised the strong impact of social media nowadays, especially when related to important and sensitive law enforcement. The Spokespersons had the opportunity to acquire some aspects on technical modalities of social media and how to better apply them during the performance of their work in order to timely and properly address the results achieved to the citizens.

PAMECA V LTE, Giovanni Pasqua outlined the fact that the modern communications tools, especially social media, can be used by State Police, Ministry of Interior and Republican Guard not only for informing the large public on the law enforcement activities, but also to build and consolidate the perception of the institution closer and more sensitive to the citizens needs and priorities.

This workshop served to exchange several views of PR structures and was followed by a professional and interactive technical discussion.


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