Third Steering Committee Meeting of PAMECA V


Third Steering Committee Meeting of PAMECA V

On 28 September 2018, PAMECA V organized the third Steering Committee meeting, which gathered together PAMECA V beneficiaries and all relevant stakeholders.  The meeting was moderated by Mr D`Achille and headed by a panel of speakers from the EUD Mr Mario Mariani, Head of Cooperation, Mrs Rovena Voda, Deputy Minister of MoI, Mrs Aida Hajnaj, Deputy Director General of ASP, Mr Kostaq Beluri, Prosecutor, GPO.

The Team Leader presented the progress made towards the work plan of activities, for the second semester of implementation namely February – July 2018; the activities carried out; project financial management up to date, and planned activities for upcoming semester August 2018 – January 2019.

During the reporting period, PAMECA V assisted the beneficiary with advisory support, several in house and regional trainings, two high level conferences related to the fight against organized crime, community policing, integrated border monitoring missions, ongoing advice on radio communication system, strategic planning on EU issues, increase of human resource management in the ASP and eventually ad-hoc assistance, as requested by the beneficiary. Progress was met in all areas of intervention through its five components.

The beneficiaries appreciated the work done by the side of the project and the collaboration so far. The three beneficiary institutions of PAMECA V came with some requests to add several activities to the implementation of the upcoming work plan (August 2018 – January 2019).

PAMECA will evaluate the possibility to assist the beneficiaries and will continue to support the beneficiaries as much as possible related to the ad hoc requests, outside the work plan. The meeting ended with a common agreement to a close and fruitful collaboration with the beneficiaries in the common path of implementation of the project.

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