PAMECA V and BMP conduct an external border evaluation mission on the Albanian-Greek border


PAMECA V and BMP conduct an external border evaluation mission on the Albanian-Greek border

 An external border evaluation mission was jointly conducted by PAMECA V and BMP along the border between Albania and Greece, from 23 to 28 July 2018. The mission team was composed of three BMP evaluators, co-led by PAMECA V LTE/IBM and a STE.

In addition to the evaluation of the border control procedures and practices, the mission also covered aspects related to the Albanian capacities to cope with the flux of irregular migrants entering the country from Greece. During the mission the evaluation team visited five selected BCPs in the regions of Korça (BCP Kapshticë), Gjirokastra (BCP Kakavijë, BCP Tre Urat), Saranda (BCP Saranda Port, BCP Qafë-Botë), as well as the Closed Reception Centre for Irregular Migrants in Karreç, Tirana.

The evaluation visits to the BCPs served to conduct an analysis of the border checks in terms of infrastructure, equipment, mobility, intra-agency and inter-agency cooperation, strategic approach, cross-border communication, risks, threats, flexibility, reaction capacity and readiness for ad’hoc alerts. They also served to assess capacities to manage irregular migration flow in terms of identification and registration. The meetings with the BMP officials at the regional level focussed on the current operational situation including situational picture, equipment, human resources, operational environment, risk analysis, threats, gaps and needs.

The main observations and findings of the evaluation focussing on staffing, equipment, budget, and implementation of standard procedures were presented and discussed with the BMP senior management during a debriefing meeting at the BMP Department. An evaluation report with specific recommendations will be submitted to the beneficiary.


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