Training on “Techniques on Search of Premises and Persons” for High Professional Police College


Training on “Techniques on Search of Premises and Persons” for High Professional Police College

Today, 22nd January 2020, PAMECA V, in close collaboration with High Professional Police College, delivered a training on “Techniques on Search of Premises and Persons, through theoretical notions and practical experience”. The training activity was attended by 52 HPPC cadets, who benefited information on the best EU practices as regards techniques of searching premises and persons, the importance of teamwork, safeguards of the subjects undergoing the search, seizing evidence properly without altering and damaging it, writing effective minutes, etc.

Also, two video-recorded simulation exercises on the topic were displayed and the participants constructively analyzed the recorded actions and performance, based on the theoretical knowledge provided to them, during the first session of the training.

The two video-recorded simulations, which had been carried out by former HPPC students under the assistance and support of PAMECA V project, served to constructively analyze the performance and actions during a search operation, by the participating cadets. To this end, the “group learning” method was used, according to which, students got divided into smaller working groups and engaged to analyze together the recorded simulation activities. Afterwards, two representatives from each group presented their group’s comments, critiques and recommendations. This learning method allowed students to become active participants in their learning and created an interactive atmosphere amongst them.

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