SPAK/NBI meeting the Italian Antimafia Investigation Directorate (DIA)


SPAK/NBI meeting the Italian Antimafia Investigation Directorate (DIA)

PAMECA V on 13.11.2020 supported the organization of a virtual meeting between the Head of SPAK, Mr Arben Kraja and Director of NBI, Mrs Aida Hajnaj and the DIA General Director Mr Maurizio Vallone  the Deputy General Administrative Director Mr Antonio Basilicata with the presence of the Italian Prefect Mr Vittorio Rizzi, Deputy General Director of the Italian Public Security. This meeting served to both institutions to present the respective structure indicating differences and similarities and to further enhance mutual cooperation. This it is a follow up of the meeting with the National Antimafia and Antiterrorism Directorate, aimed at presenting the best practices of the Italian experience and exchange of experiences during the cooperation activities in relation to the Joint Investigation Teams,

Mr Rizzi, beside congratulating the establishment of both structures and confident on the successful cooperation in the future, mentioned the possibility of providing and design a tailored operational training of NBI employees who would benefit from Italian investigation experience. This opportunity was further strengthened by Mr Basilicata who listed a few thematic areas which can be considered for the training: legal basis, functions and intervention areas of DIA, preventive measures against crime infiltration into public sectors, visits to different departments to become familiar with the organization of different police forces part of the DIA and their competent areas, apparatus and tools used to conduct investigations. In this aspect, PAMECA V shall be the contact point and shall agree with NBI on the interested topics.

Both Mr Kraja and Mrs Hajnaj, who had the opportunity to present their respective structures mentioning that NBI is currently in the recruitment process of 60 investigators, indicated the fight against structured organized crime and corruption as the main priority. Therefore, they welcomed the initiative.

Mr Kraja emphasized that in his view capacity building and exchange of information are the two main pillars to further enhance international cooperation.

It was agreed that the cooperation between Italian and Albanian excellencies can only be successful and beneficial against organized crime and corruption.

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