Training workshop on ‘Role of the psychologist in the Police’ 10 – 12 December 2020

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Training workshop on ‘Role of the psychologist in the Police’ 10 – 12 December 2020

The presence of a psychologist is crucial to State Police considering the variety of emotions police officers go through on daily basis and their role should be mandatory to a police organization. PAMECA V in close cooperation with State Police and the Order of Psychologists organized a three-day training workshop on strengthening the role of the psychological services at State Police.

During the opening remarks, PAMECA V Team Leader highlighted that psychologists should not only be present to police structures, but they have to be fully efficient and provide ongoing support to police officers, detainees, crime victims and have an active role during the recruitment of police officers and their career development.

Deputy Director of State Police welcomed this initiative and pointed out the importance to have this dedicated and much needed training workshop for the ASP psychologists. He also highlighted the necessity to have specialized trainings given their increased role in ASP structures.

During her opening remarks, the President of the Order of Psychologists strongly acknowledged the need to have psychologists during the recruitment process of police officers, development of internal rules and regulations, standardization of tests applied by psychologists.

The workshop was attended by all psychologists of Local Police Directorates and the psychologists of General Prosecution Office who showed a great interest to have other future trainings on the role of psychologist in the Police.

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