Two-day online training on duty-related criminal offences

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Two-day online training on duty-related criminal offences

PAMECA V in close cooperation with Albanian General Prosecution Office and the Italian High Judicial Council Technical Assistance Project delivered a two-day online training on duty-related criminal offences. Given the importance of this category of criminal offences, General Prosecution Office has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with State Supreme Audit. The main scope of this MoU is to enhance the efficiency and inter institutional collaboration in the fight against criminal offences in the field of economic crime and misuse of public funds. In this framework, PAMECA V has assisted General Prosecution Office on preparing a training program and deliver a dedicated training workshop aiming to enhance the capacities of prosecutors and other employees of law enforcement agencies, on strengthening their capacities on investigating duty-related criminal offences.

The training workshop was co-presented by PAMECA LTE on Organised Crime, Mr Giovanni Pasqua, and the Prosecutor of General Prosecution Office, Mr. Kujtim Luli. During his opening remarks, Mr Pasqua highlighted the importance that conducting trainings on this field needs to be further explored by Prosecution Office and other LEAs given the complexity of duty-related criminal offences. The effectiveness shown by public servants boosts the country’s progress as public servants manage the country, give justice to citizens, and protect citizens’ rights. On the other side, Mr. Luli expressed the strong commitment of Prosecution Office to dedicate more resources and training activities to the investigation and prosecution of duty-related offences.

During her presentation, Ms. Rita Caracuzzo, Deputy Prosecutor currently serving at the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, brought into focus of the participants the corruption and duty-related offences as the predicate offences of money laundering, assets and financial investigation in such cases, as well as the use of the special investigation means in offences related to dereliction of duty and corruption and jurisprudence of ECtHR. Practical cases were introduced and widely discussed with the participants.

Methods of investigating criminal offences in the area of declaration of assets, misuse and administration of public funds, procurement, administration and privatization of public assets, presented by Mr Andrea Venegoni, Judge at Italian Court of Cassation, were of high interest to the participants, given the fact that these offences are also foreseen in the Albanian Criminal Code.

Albanian Prosecutor, Mr Armand Gurakuqi gave a clear picture on the importance and necessity that law enforcement agencies, suchlike Albanian FIU, ASP,  Tax and Customs Office, HIDAACI, etc should exchange information among them as a condition for the efficiency of investigations against official who exercise public functions. SPAK Prosecutor, Ms Enkeleda Millonai, underlined the noteworthiness of indirect evidence in the probatory process.

During the second day of the online training workshop Mr Filippo Romano, representative of Italian Anticorruption Authority, draw attention to the administrative investigations conducted by independent authorities and the need to interact with prosecutors, while Mr Paolo Costa, Head of Police Programme at DCAF, introduced the best practices and challenges to Integrity related issues in Police and Justice Sector.

The training was attended by 76 representatives of Prosecution Office, State Police, SIAC and other law enforcement agencies, suchlike HIDAACI, Albanian FIU, Tax and Customs Office, SIAC, etc. The participants had the opportunity to exchange views and practical experience on the issues to be faced while investigating and prosecuting duty-related offences. Given the interest shown in this training, it will be replicated during January 2021 with the participation of another target group.

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December 21, 2020 / PAMECA V NEWS