Conference on International Judicial and Police Cooperation in the Fight against Transnational Organised Crime


Conference on International Judicial and Police Cooperation in the Fight against Transnational Organised Crime

On 14 February 2018, PAMECA V organized an International Conference related to the “Judicial and police cooperation in the fight against transnational organized crime”. This conference brought together high ranking officials from the Ministry of Interior, Albanian State Police, and Prosecutions Offices.

The panel was leaded and moderated by the Team Leader of PAMECA V, Mr Carlo D`Achille and co-chaired by the Deputy Team Leader Mr Carmine Pirozzoli.

This conference emphasized the importance of cooperation between police and prosecution office and other authorities in detecting, investigating and prosecuting organized crime cases, international challenges in the fight against organized crime and paying dedicated attention to the victims of these crimes. 

The conference was divided in two main parts. In the first part, PAMECA hosted the Deputy Minister of Interior, Mr Besfort Llamallari, the newly appointed Director General of Albanian State Police, Mr Ardi Veliu, the Director General of Department of Investigation Organized Crime and Serous Crimes, Mr Idajet Faskaj, Head of Operations, EUD, Mr Stephen Stork, the Deputy Director of Italian State Police, Mr Nicolo D`Angelo among the speakers of the panel. In the second part, the Head of Florence Prosecutor of Mr Giuseppe Creazzo, Head of the Aquilla Prosecution Office, Mr Michele Renzo, the Director of Serous Crime and Organized Crime in Interpol, Mr Zoltan Nagy, the Liaison Prosecutor (French Embassy in Belgrade), Mr Pierre Bellet, Liaison Prosecutor and the Director of the Jurisdictional and Foreign Affairs and Director of the Jurisdictional Foreign Relations, Mr Arqile Koça have addressed their speeches.

The Albanian speakers of the Conference praised the collaboration with PAMECA and appreciated the recommendations of the project in the latest strategic and political document of the Ministry of Interior – the newly draft legal document “Power of Law”; collaboration with Albanian Police in the fight against cannabis cultivation in Albania. Mr Llamallari, Deputy Minister of Interior strongly encouraged the collaboration with the project, and mentioned that Albania is facing challenges in fighting the transnational organized crime. Mr Llamallari acknowledged that it is needed immediate and qualitative coordination among Albanian institutions to address organized crime and be prepared to globalization.

The Italian colleagues, elaborated the characteristics of the Italian and Italian-Albanian organized crime collaboration in the recent years. Mr D`Angelo and Mr Creazzo stated that Italy has had experienced quite typical forms of organized crime as “mafia organized attacks towards high level of police and justice officials”. As the organized crime became more sophisticated, the legislation was adjusted to tackle the criminal initiatives ahead. During the passing of years, the network of the collaborative organized crime kept increasing rapidly. So neighbor European countries had the duty to collaborate and exchange necessary information leading to joint investigations, to control and manage the transnational organized crime.

Concrete examples, latest statistics, were shared indicating how fast and how much sophisticated there are presented nowadays the different forms of organized crimes. Statistics also reflected how much the EU countries collaborate through EUROPOL, including Albania as quite active. Much important nowadays is the Financial investigation and analysis of the crimes by the parties as a newly development to succeed in the work of EUROPOL.

The speakers during their remarks, brought into attention the elaboration of an improved legal framework in various countries (Italy, France and Albania) that leaded to improving the methods of collaboration between these countries. Mr Creazzo and Mr Renzi mentioned that following year 1992, many joint agreements have been concluded between Italy and Albania aiming to combat various types of organized crime. Finally, Mr Piere Bellet, shared the French experience in methods of joint investigation teams (judicial and border police).

This Conference was received very well by all participants.

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