PAMECA IV – Cooperation and coordination with Beneficiaries

PAMECA IV has achieved a good level of cooperation with its direct beneficiaries from the government as well as indirect beneficiaries both from government and civil society.

PAMECA IV project has established and maintains very good relationships with all its main beneficiaries and counterparts i.e. Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA), Albanian State Police (ASP), General Prosecutor’s Office (GPO) and Ministry of Justice (MoJ). Regular coordination and consultation meetings are organised with counterparts in ASP, GPO, Serious Crimes Prosecutor’s Office and other prosecutors, MIA, MoJ etc. Information is made available and PAMECA IV is informed about different activities. Information exchange facilitates fulfilment of the relevant tasks and a better customisation of the project’s assistance.
The cooperation and coordination with the main beneficiaries include:
– Different coordinating and consultations meetings held with Minister of Internal Affairs, General Director of Police and heads of different Working Groups engaged in the ASP reform process;
– Regular contacts and meetings with the GPO, Serious Crimes Prosecutor’s Office and Tirana Prosecutor’s Office and MoJ with regard to new draft amendments of CPC;
– Good level of cooperation with the Border and Migration Police
– Meetings with Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs on the issues of asylum applications of Albanian citizens in the EU and Schengen and unaccompanied minors;
– Cooperation with the IMOC, further improved due to the positive approach taken by the new management of the IMOC
– Cooperation with Republican Guard in the framework of Pope Francis’ visit to Tirana.
PAMECA IV regularly attends different meetings of the International Consortium and participates in various conferences and seminars, i.a. the conference organised by MIA with national and international interlocutors regarding the reform in ASP, the National Seminar “On the investigation and prosecution of trafficking of human beings offences”, organised by the National Coordinator on the Fight against THB, the conference organised by MoJ “The reform of the penitentiary system”, etc.

Good level of cooperation is established with other Albanian ministries/institutions, indirect beneficiaries of PAMECA IV project’s activities. Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Transport, Tirana International Airport -to mention but a few- have approached PAMECA IV in order to explore the possibilities for support and to submit specific cooperation requests. Relevant meetings have been organised with representatives of these institutions leading to concrete project’s action. As illustrative example, the project’s support was requested by Ministry of Culture with regard to protection of cultural heritage from i.a theft and trafficking. The good level of cooperation established in this particular case allowed for the smooth conduct of a Short Term Expert assistance mission to the working group drafting the new law on Protection of Cultural Heritage.

Close cooperation has been established with Albanian civil society organisations working in the area of JHA such as Albanian Helsinki Committee and European Institute of Tirana. With the latter PAMECA IV is carrying out joint training sessions for police staff across the country on human rights and treatment of persons held in police custody.