PAMECA V delivers training to the Border and Migration Police Basic Training Course


PAMECA V delivers training to the Border and Migration Police Basic Training Course

PAMECA V IBM/LTE delivered two training sessions at the Basic Training Course for Border and Migration Police which is being held at the Security Academy. Each session was programmed as a one day lecture delivered respectively on 23 and 30 January.  Based on training materials developed by PAMECA V, the first lecture presented the milestones in the European Union history, the EU Institutions, the decision making process, the main EU Agencies, the EU border related policies and the international organisations dealing with border and migration, while the second lecture focussed on the EU concept of Integrated border management (IBM) and the Schengen Acquis.

The Basic Training Course started on 22 January for a duration of three months and is attended by 25 police officers, most of them currently assigned to border and migration department and some from public order and security department who will be later assigned to BMP.

The course’s curricula programme is essentially based on the FRONTEX Common Core Curriculum. Associated to the curricula drafting process, PAMECA V played a crucial role in streamlining, consolidating some key topics, and aligning the curricula programme to the FRONTEX CCC. The programme is divided into five modules. PAMECA V is assigned to deliver selected topics from Module I #01 “History and development of the Border Police” and Module II #08 “EU legislation applicable for the BMP standards”.

Two more courses of the same duration are scheduled to start respectively in February and March 2018. PAMECA V IBM/LTE will deliver the same training sessions in all the upcoming basic training courses.

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