PAMECA IV Integrated Border Management (IBM)

The main goal of this component is to assist the Albanian authorities in further aligning the Albanian Border Security System to the 2006 Council conclusions on Integrated Border Management Strategy (including further developments) and the EU 4-tier access control model.
Legislation and institutions on Integrated Border Management are, as the progress reports 2011 and 2012 have shown, largely in place and in lien with the Acquis Communautaire. Nevertheless, closely following developments in the relevant Community Legislation, PAMECA IV will assist the Albanian authorities in a continuous screening and reviewing of the Albanian legislation and, if need be, the elaboration of necessary changes.
PAMECA IV also intends to assist in the strengthening of the Albanian risk analysis capacity on strategical, operational and tactical level, the development of risk indicators and the overall profiling-capacity.
Since a successful implementation of border management relies on a well-functioning system of intraservice, interagency and international cooperation, PAMECA IV will continue to assist in the development of the infrastructure and the technical and institutional capacity at all the borders, i.e. blue, green and air border (Border Control Points and mobile teams. border checks and border surveillance; special attention devoted to the overall capacity of the IMOC). Particular attention will be devoted to the issue of basic- and expert-training, wherever assessed as being necessary.
Common goal will be to achieve a high level of intraservice, interagency and international cooperation, always based on the EU- and Schengen Acquis and the Catalogue of Recommendations and Best Practices.
Overall, PAMECA IV will act in close coordination with other international institutions (ICITAP, EXBS, OSCE) in order to avoid duplications and in view of a comprehensive delivery of activities.
The whole set of planned activities will finally be based on an assessment performed at the beginning of the project. This assessment will follow the general rules applicable for Schengen evaluations. In this context, PAMECA IV intends also to enhance the Albanian capacity in self-evaluation and to support the elaboration of performance-indicators, i.e. activity-indicators and indicators of efficiency.