On 11 and 12 September 2018, Albanian Minister of Justice, General Prosecutor, Head of Serious Crimes Prosecution Office and other representatives from these institutions attended official meetings in Italian Ministry of Justice, National Antimafia and Antiterrorism Directorate and High Judiciary Council.

In view of the establishment of the future Special Anti-Corruption … Read More

 An external border evaluation mission was jointly conducted by PAMECA V and BMP along the border between Albania and Greece, from 23 to 28 July 2018. The mission team was composed of three BMP evaluators, co-led by PAMECA V LTE/IBM and a STE.

In addition to the evaluation of the border … Read More

In the framework of PAMECA V Work Plan and in particular of Activity 5.5, which provides for support to further improve beneficiaries’ capacity to collect and elaborate statistics, PAMECA V organized the Roundtable on “The Importance of Crime Statistics”.

The activity was, at the premises of General Prosecution Office with the … Read More

PAMECA V organized a Conference on “Investigation and Prosecution of Money Laundering Offenses”.  This Conference brought together representatives of Law Enforcement Agencies such as from Financial Investigation Unit, Albanian State Police, prosecutors and judicial police officers to discuss the problems faced in detection, investigation and prosecution of money laundering offences, … Read More

Pursuant to Activity 1.2. “Support law enforcement agencies in enhancing investigative capacities” and Sub-activity 1.2.3 “Joint activity with Customs on profiling of containers and enhancement of cooperation in terms of operational issues and exchange of information”, PAMECA V organised a training course on container profiling techniques and the importance of … Read More

Following the roundtable organised by PAMECA V on further enhancing cooperation between Security Academy (SA) and School of Magistrates (SoM), one of the main outcome of this activity was the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the two Schools. Pursuant to PAMECA suggestions, the Memorandum of Understanding was signed … Read More

PAMECA V organized a one week training for newly recruited Undercover agents. The trainees were attending their first training in that area. The two assigned British experts, who had already delivered trainings for Albanian Undercover team, focused on practical exercises and mainly on the credibility of legends each trainee would … Read More

PAMECA V organized a series of meetings at the central level of the Albanian State Police, the Local Police Department of Tirana, First-Line Community Policing offices and Schools for the preparation of the assessment Report on the First School – Social Service – Police pilot model set in Tirana establishing … Read More

On 28-29 June 2018 PAMECA V held the second round of the training on the Role of Judge and Prosecutor of Preliminary Hearing. The organization of this training was done in collaboration with the School of Magistrates. The second round of this training was necessary as the Albanian judges and … Read More