From the 21st to 23rd of September 2015, Vittorio Aloisi delivered a course to 15 police officers from Public Order and Traffic Police in the Security Academy of Police. The aim of the training was how to respond to emergency cases and breach of public order in line ... Read More
With the assistance of PAMECA IV, from the 31st of August to 11th of September 11 Traffic Police Officers attended a training course in Cesena, Italy. The training was organised by LTE on Traffic Police, Angelo Tancredi under the activity 4.2 “Support to further enhance the consistent enforcement of traffic laws ... Read More

Workshop on EU Rules and Standards on Procurement

September 25, 2015 / Uncategorized
On 22 and 23 September 2015, PAMECA IV organised a training workshop on EU directives and standards on procurement. PAMECA IV deployed three STEs to deliver this training on procurement process as per EU standards and directives, as well as provide recommendations for improving procurement procedures as per EU best ... Read More
The Albanian State Police are conducting an initiative to enable mid-ranking policewomen to take on operational command roles for the first time. In response to the ASP request to support them in this initiative, identified training needs by the beneficiary and in line with its mandate and agreed ... Read More
On 7-8 September 2015, PAMECA IV together with the Albanian State Police and the General Prosecution Office organized a Workshop on the Identification, Location and Seizure of Criminal Assets. Throughout the EU, it has become increasingly important to deprive criminals of their assets and for the Member States to be able ... Read More
Visit in Vushtrri (Kosovo) at Public Safety Academy of Kosovo conducted by Pameca’s LTE ‘Traffic Policing and General Patrol’ for experience exchange between rapresentatives of Albanian and Kosovo Security Academy in the area of curricula and training of police officers in the police service road.   More photos ...
In the framework Component 2, Activity 2.2 and 2.4 dealing with investigations on organized crime and support to judicial police officers, PAMECA IV concluded the planned round of regional trainings on two training modules: Criminal Acts with Explosives and Proactive Investigations on THB. Four short term experts were deployed for ... Read More

Fourth Stakeholders’ Committee Meeting

June 3, 2015 / Uncategorized
PAMECA IV holds its 4th Steering Committee Meeting A strong and well-established partnership with the beneficiaries to provide trust, safety and a secure environment for the Albanian citizens On 3 June 2015, PAMECA IV held its Fourth Stakeholders’ Committee co-chaired by PAMECA IV Team Leader, Mr Butini, the Director of the ... Read More
In the framework of PAMECA IV Work Plan and in particular of Activity 2.7, which provides for developing further corruption analysis and internal cooperation and coordination among relevant institutions, PAMECA IV organised the Workshop “On the Best EU Practice and Experience in the investigation and prosecution of corruption offences”. The ... Read More
On 6 May 2015, the Schools, Social Services and Police Partnership project (SSP), setting up an inter-institutional structure with the aim to prevent and reduce crime among youths, was launched in a National Conference in Tirana with the participation of the Minister of Internal Affairs, Mr Tahiri, the EUD Ambassador ... Read More