Consolidation of Law Enforcement Agencies – Support to MIA, ASP and Prosecutor Offices (PAMECA V) is one of the key European Union funded projects, providing technical assistance and support to Albanian Law Enforcement Agencies, in particular Albanian State Police and Prosecutor Offices, to achieve their objectives and to … Read More

In the framework of Component 1 of PAMECA Project, particularly Activity 1.2 “Support to enhance the investigative capacities of law enforcement authorities”, Prosecutor LTE on Organised Crime and his team conducted a field visit to Prosecution Offices of southern Albania on the 11th and 12th of September 2017.

The purpose of … Read More

“Albanian State Police (ASP)/Border and Migration and Italian State Police/Guardia di Finanza and Border Police representatives held a working meeting on border and migration matters of common interest supported by PAMECA V and hosted by Italian State Police in Bari, Italy on 18th July 2017. The team of eight Albanian police … Read More

In the framework of PAMECA IV Work Plan aiming to assist Albanian Authorities in further aligning the Albanian Border Security System to the 2006 Council conclusions on Integrated Border Management Strategy, PAMECA LTE on IBM contributed to the dedicated training sessions of basic training activities for 4 days out of … Read More

A group of journalists from EU member states visited the Tirana RPD operational room as part of their trip to Albania to showcase the impact of IPA-funded programmes mainly in the rule of law area.

With the investment from the EU and technical and financial support by the PAMECA IV project, … Read More

In the framework of PAMECA IV Work Plan and in particular of Activity 2.7, which provides for developing further corruption analysis and internal cooperation and coordination among relevant institutions, PAMECA IV organised the Workshop on “Invalidity effects” with a special focus on Albanian Legislation.

The Workshop was held on 22nd of February … Read More

Between 31 January and 2 February 2017, PAMECA IV in collaboration with the Ministry of Interior of Italy organized and funded a study visit to Rome, Italy for the Albanian and Kosovo police thus contributing again in addressing and creating the opportunity for better tackling issues of terrorism and organized … Read More

In the framework of Component 5 (Integrated Border Management), Activity 5.2 “Schengen evaluation and Schengen training”, a Schengen Evaluation was organised by PAMECA IV. This activity was a joint initiative of PAMECA, OSCE Presence in Albania and the General Directorate of Border and Migration at Albanian State Police.

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In the framework of Component 2, PAMECA IV organised a ‘Lessons Learned” Workshop, following the “Controlled delivery“ practical exercise related to a weapons trafficking, conducted in June 2016, with the Macedonian counterparts.

The Workshop was attended by chiefs of sectors from Special Operational Forces Directorate and by specialists from all 12 … Read More