In the framework of PAMECA IV Work Plan and in particular of Activity 2.7, which provides for developing further corruption analysis and internal cooperation and coordination among relevant institutions, PAMECA IV organised the Workshop on “Introducing the EU experience on non-conviction based confiscation of assets”. The Workshop was held on 2nd and … Read More

From the 19th to the 30th of October, a practical training for undercover agents was delivered by two British experts together with the assistance of the handlers of the UC unit and some experienced undercover agents.

This training had two objectives: firstly, to practically train agents which had not attended a … Read More

From 12 – 16 October, an assessment mission was conducted to the Closed Centre in Karrec. Also visited in this context were the Open Centre Babbru and premises at the BCP Airport Rinas. Main target was the current situation at the centre in Karrec and an assessment, which improvements would … Read More

From 28 September to 2 October PAMECA participated in a basic training course for new border police officers, which was held in the Security Academy. Participants were 21 employees of the Border and Migration Police who previously had completed the 22-weeks basic police-education “for general patrol” and who were then … Read More

From the 14 – 16 October the LTE of Traffic Police, Dr. Angelo Tancredi together with the Instructor of Police Training of Basic Police School Mr. Leonard Harizi, organized a meeting with the Kosovo counterparts in Kosovo in order to draft and approximate the training program between the two countries … Read More

In the framework of Component Two, and specifically Activity, 2.2 of the PAMECA IV Work Plan provides for support to further develop Crime Analysis, in particular in the field of corruption, develop internal cooperation and coordination among Institutions, PAMECA IV organised the Workshop “Tax Heavens: Characteristics and International Instruments for … Read More

One of the aims of the PAMECA project is to improve blue border surveillance. In this context, improvements were assessed necessary in several technical issues.
In order to perform a technical needs assessment, PAMECA mobilized a STE from 21 – 25 September for preparatory work on the following three … Read More

PAMECA organized from 14. – 18. September 2015 a seminar about risk management, risk analysis and data collection, where selected representatives from the local, regional and central level took part in. The global objective of the assignment was to familiarize the participants with the general needs for appropriate … Read More

From the 29 to the 31st of October PAMECA IV recruited an STE Fabrizio Capucci to provide training on personal defense while performing duty. The course was a “Train the Trainer Course” in order to be delivered afterwards to all relevant police officers in the field.

The course was mainly focused … Read More