On 5 March 2019, PAMECA V organized the fourth Stakeholders Committee meeting, which gathered together PAMECA V beneficiaries and respective stakeholders. This meeting was co-chaired by Mr Carlo D`Achille, Team Leader of the project, Mr Francesco … Read More

PAMECA V organised a Study Visit on Police Uniforms in Rome, Italy, on 21-22 February. Four representatives of Albanian State Police participated at this study visit, respectively Director of Support Services Department, Director of Logistics Support Directorate, the Chief of Sector for Uniforms, Weapons and Equipment, and a Specialist in … Read More

Workshop on “Detection of Violent Extremism”.

From 21 January to 8 February 2019, PAMECA V in close collaboration with the Chief of the Community Policing Sector of ASP, representatives of the Antiterrorism regional units and the Countering Violent Extremism Centre, completed the regional workshop on “Detection of Violent Extremism”.

This Workshop was … Read More

On 31 January-1 February 2019, PAMECA V organised a two-days training seminar on auditing the performance of budget and finance directorates, which gathered participants from Professional Standards Directorate and Audit Sector from ASP, from Prosecutor’s Office and from the Ministry of Finance.

The training was opened by Mr Arben Saliu, Director … Read More

On 28 January 2019, Directors and Deputy-Directors of Departments, Directorates of central and local Police Directorates and Rapid Intervention Units of Albanian State Police (ASP), were brought together for a training workshop on managing major and special events at strategic level. Italian experts, such as Mr Passariello, Head of Italian … Read More

PAMECA V in cooperation with the School of Magistrates and the Security Academy organized a seminar on environmental crime, which aimed to clarify the legal framework and raise awareness of judges and prosecutors on the nature of such crimes, ultimately encouraging a higher number of investigations and criminal proceedings.  By … Read More

PAMECA V conducted a five-day training course for 12 employees of the Surveillance Unit of the Special Operational Force (SOF). The training was delivered by PAMECA V Long Term Expert on Organised Crime in cooperation with the Undercover Unit and the SOF Directorate. The purpose of this activity was to … Read More

PAMECA V Organised Crime International Junior Expert conducted a training for the students of the Faculty of Security and Investigation, Security Academy, on January 21st.  The training was designed in line with PAMECA V work plan sub- activity “Support to the Security Academy cadets on Investigation Techniques” and it was … Read More

On 15 January, PAMECA V in collaboration with EURALIUS V and School of Magistrates organized the Training on Atypical Evidence, where 30 Albanian judges and prosecutors attended.

This training had in focus, the concept of atypical evidence, their importance and administration, ECHR case law on atypical evidence (when it does not … Read More