International Seminar on Protection of the Euro


International Seminar on Protection of the Euro

Under the general objective of Component 1 – Support to strengthen inter-institutional and international cooperation, Mr. Carmine Pirozzoli, PAMECA V Prosecutor LTE attended together with Albanian participants from General Prosecution Office, State Police, and Customs Authorities the international seminar “A Community Strategy to Protect the Euro in the Mediterranean Area”, which was held in Podgorica, from the 22nd to the 24th of November 2017.

This event was funded by the European Program “Pericles” and implemented with the support of the European Commission – ECFIN. Delegations from Albania, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Malta, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, The Netherlands, Turkey as well as from the European Commission – ECFIN, the European Central Bank, Europol and Eurojust took part in the seminar.

Considering the cross-border dimension of the counterfeiting phenomenon, an effective exchange of information between countries is vital through the relevant international cooperation channels. PAMECA V favoured participation of the Albanian Delegation composed of Mr. Çezar Keçi- Albanian State Police, Ms. Pranvera Pustina from the Serious Crimes Prosecution Office and Mr. Helidon Bele from the Customs Administration. This seminar served to increase general awareness on protection of the euro and to give an overview of the tools to improve investigations in the fight against counterfeiting of banknotes and coins.


November 25, 2017 / PAMECA V NEWS