Training courses on Entry Requirements


Training courses on Entry Requirements

On 5 May, PAMECA IV started, within the component on Integrated Border Management, a series of training courses on entry requirements.

From 5 – 6 May, a first training with 12 participants (from the Border Crossing Points in Tre Urat, Kakavije and Sopik) was held in Gjirokastra. A second training, again with 12 participants (Pogradec, Qafe Thane, Tushemisht and Kapshtice) followed from 8 – 9 May in Korca. Further trainings in other regions will be organized during the coming weeks.

General aim of the trainings is to thoroughly review the legal background for border control (in the Albanian and the relevant Schengen legislation) and the relevant elements for Schengen-type entry- and exit checks and to discuss the clear need for well-functioning intraservice, inter-agency- and international cooperation (the elements of the EU four tier access control model).

During the courses, also practical examples were discussed and questions answered. The participants also mentioned – out of their area of responsibility – good practices, which were taken on board to be included in further developments.


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