What does PAMECA V do

PAMECA V is designed as an EU technical assistance project to support and assist key Albanian law enforcement agencies in particular Albanian State Police and prosecution offices in achieving their objectives and bringing their performance closer to EU standards.

The main beneficiaries of PAMECA V assistance are the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Albanian State Police, General Prosecutor’s Office and District Prosecution offices. Secondary beneficiaries include FIU, Customs and Tax authorities, HIDAACI, Ombudsman’s Office, Ministry of Justice, etc. The final beneficiaries are the Albanian citizens.

The overall objective of PAMECA V project is to further improve the capacities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA), Albanian State Police (ASP), prosecution offices and their supporting structures in meeting their objectives of tackling serious and organised crime and drug trafficking in a proactive manner, and in responding to local community needs in terms of public security and border management challenges.

PAMECA V aims to further improve coordinating mechanisms of MIA, ASP, PO and other relevant law enforcement agencies in addressing challenges in the fight against crime, terrorisms, corruption, money laundering and financial crime.

 In order to meet the set objectives various types of activities are foreseen inter alia: advisory support both technical and strategic, legal assessments/analysis, compilations of relevant EU acquis, wide range of trainings/workshops, practical simulation exercises at central and local level, study visits to EU/EU MS agencies, site visits, etc.