Workshop on the new amendments to Anti-Mafia Law


Workshop on the new amendments to Anti-Mafia Law

On 20 November 2017, PAMECA V in view of Component 1, Activity 1.6 “Support the Implementation of the new legislation on Judicial Reform” co-organised in collaboration with the School of Magistrates the Workshop on new Amendments to Anti-mafia Law.

This Workshop brought together an audience of 46 judges and prosecutors from Serious Crimes Court, district courts, Serious Crime Prosecution Office and district prosecution offices. It served as a tool for Albanian judges and prosecutors to get acquainted with the new amendments to Anti-mafia Law to ensure a better understanding and thus a better application in practice.

PAMECA V Team Leader, Mr. Carlo D’Achille, in his opening remarks highlighted the fact that the adoption of this law confirms the commitment of Albania to a serious combat against dangerous criminal activities. Moreover, he stressed out that taking into consideration the importance of this law, additional workshops will be organised aiming a better and correct understanding of the amendments to Anti-Mafia law.

This event was moderated by Mr. Carmine Pirozzoli in the capacity of Deputy Team Leader of PAMECA V. Mr. Pirozzoli at the same time Long Term Expert/Prosecutor in PAMECA V, gave his contribution in the professional discussion by providing explanations on questions raised by judges and prosecutors on Anti-mafia Law.

The interactive discussion focused on: application of the rules of Criminal Procedure Code, in verification, investigation and adjudication of assets instead of the rules of Civil Procedure Code applied before, extension of the object, the purpose and the scope of law, restriction of the circle of the close persons to whom this law applies to, burden of proof to prove that the activities and the assets have been gained in a legal way etc.

Mr. Henrik Ligori, prosecutor at Serious Crimes Prosecution Office and Mr. Gurali Brahimllari, judge at Serious Crime Court presented respectively the Anti-mafia Law amendments in the framework of Justice Reform and the experience in the application of the new Anti-mafia Law from the perspective of prosecution and court.

Mr. Antonio Balsamo, Deputy General Prosecutor of the Cassation Court of Rome presented the Italian experience on the application of the Anti-Mafia Law.

The workshop was concluded with the remarks addressed by Head of European Union Delegation to Albania, Mrs. Romana Vlahutin, and Mr. Sokol Sadushi- Director of the School of Magistrates.

Mrs. Vlahutin appreciated the organisation of this activity highlighting the importance of the Anti-Mafia law and called the attention of judges and prosecutors on the importance of their daily job. She highlighted the fact that Albania is fully supported by EU Member States in this fundamental process that the country is going through. The adoption of the judicial reform is a good sign of the progress made by Albania, but its implementation will serve as an important milestone of the country in the fight against corruption and organised crime. Head of EU Delegation to Albania put an emphasis on the real challenge that Albania is currently facing, to significantly increase public trust in law enforcement agencies, particularly in the judiciary institutions.

Mr. Sadushi highly appreciated the collaboration with PAMECA V project and ensured that certain initiatives are welcomed by the School of Magistrates. He hopes that cooperation with PAMECA V will be further strengthened in the future, in view of similar initiatives which duly respond to the needs and priorities of the judges and prosecutors.


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