Workshop on EU Rules and Standards on Procurement


Workshop on EU Rules and Standards on Procurement

On 22 and 23 September 2015, PAMECA IV organised a training workshop on EU directives and standards on procurement. PAMECA IV deployed three STEs to deliver this training on procurement process as per EU standards and directives, as well as provide recommendations for improving procurement procedures as per EU best practices and assist the ASP relevant structures in drafting the technical specifications according to the EU standards in procurement.

The two-days workshop was based on the ASP training needs identified during the fact finding mission on the ASP procurement procedures conducted in January 2015 by an STE deployed by PAMECA IV

The training focused on the EU regulatory framework on procurement, the criteria for national transposition as well as on practical cases of procurement procedure conducted by the Italian police. The experts dwelt more on the EU regulatory framework on security and defence procurement procedures. Practical cases of drafting tender technical specifications were provided.

The training was attended by ASP personnel from the Finance Directorate, Procurement Section, Auditing Section and the Juridical Directorate. In the evaluation of the training, the participants appreciated the practical cases and practical guidelines on drafting technical specifications.

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