Workshop on the Identification, Location and Seizure of Assets


Workshop on the Identification, Location and Seizure of Assets

On 7-8 September 2015, PAMECA IV together with the Albanian State Police and the General Prosecution Office organized a Workshop on the Identification, Location and Seizure of Criminal Assets.

Throughout the EU, it has become increasingly important to deprive criminals of their assets and for the Member States to be able to freeze and confiscate property related to the committing of an offence.

Due to the increasingly cross-border nature of criminal activity, particularly organised crime, closer cooperation between EU and national authorities is required for the legislation to remain effective. The effectiveness of national anti-money laundering systems and international cooperation in this area are of paramount importance.

The workshop supported by the beneficiary institutions of the country, comes at a time when Albania has already made some progress in tackling money laundering and other financial crimes and in recovering criminal proceeds and illegal assets. However, Albania needs to continue to build on the progress achieved so far on the seizure and confiscation of proceeds of crime and needs to demonstrate concrete steps to accelerate the fight against organized crime, money laundering and corruption, both on the side of convictions and on the side of the confiscation of the relative proceeds.

The workshop was attended by officers of the Albanian State Police, the Kosovo Police officers, the prosecutors from the Serious Crimes prosecutors from Albania and Kosovo.

Among the panelists invited, besides the national authorities and officers there were personalities from national and international Italian institutions, such as the Director of Italian International Police Cooperation, a member of the Executive Committee of Interpol, Coordinator for the Western Balkans in Criminal Matters, representatives of the Anti-mafia and Antiterrorism and Senior Adviser for International Affairs to the Italian Head of Senate.

The seminar was highly appreciated by all the participants for the important topics discussed as well as opportunity created by PAMECA IV for the members of the law enforcement agencies in the three countries to share their professional experience and to network among themselves to the benefit of the common objectives in fighting organized and serious crime.

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