Workshop on the Role of Judge of Preliminary Hearing


Workshop on the Role of Judge of Preliminary Hearing

Fifty-five Judges and Prosecutors attended the workshop on the Role of Judge of Preliminary Hearing hosted by PAMECA V in cooperation with the School of Magistrates on the 24th and 25th of January 2018.

Moderated by Prosecutor Long Term Eexpert Mr. Carmine Pirozzoli, this workshop had a panel of Albanian and International Judges and Prosecutors whose presentations and speeches aimed to create  discussion among the participants on the the preliminary hearing as a central and pivotal step of the proceeding as well as on its proper understanding and implementation. Special emphasis was given to the role of prosecutor and of judicial police and their relationship during the investigation phase, with the purpose of ensuring the acquisition of the best investigative material to be submitted in the preliminary hearing, taking into account the possibility the accused person has to request a summary trial.

At the same time, participants and the experts discussed on the function of the Judge of Preliminary Hearing and Judge of Preliminary Investigations in the light of novelties introduced by the new Criminal Procedures Code.

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