First workshop for the preparation of MoI Integrity Plan

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First workshop for the preparation of MoI Integrity Plan

Counter-corruption measures include preventative actions that reduce the incentives and opportunities for corruption and other unethical behaviour to occur in law enforcement agencies. Taking into account the importance of ethical behaviours and in view of assisting Ministry of Interior to enhance the integrity of the organisation, PAMECA V and DCAF (Geneva Centre for Security Sector and Governance) is supporting the preparation of the Integrity Plan and Action Plan for 2021.

In this frame, the 1st training workshop was organised for the members of the WG that is composed of representatives of 11 subordinated structures/institutions of Ministry of Interior. The training focused on the corruption risk management approach, introducing international standards and best practices. Areas and behaviors most exposed to corruption risks were presented by Mr. Giuseppe Abbatino, PAMECA Expert and Mr. Paulo Costa, Head of Police Program, DCAF. Moreover, the experts and the participants had the opportunity to discuss the risk assessments that were accurately prepared by all the participating institutions aiming to identify the most exposed corruption risks of each institutions, taking into strong consideration their peculiarities.

Mr. Giovanni Pasqua, PAMECA LTE on Organized Crime highlighted the importance of ethical behaviors as a crucial element to enhance integrity in law enforcement institutions. An integrity plan and action plan aim to improve standards of integrity through transparency, accountability and counter-corruption measures. Mr. Pasqua reiterated PAMECA Project commitment to support Ministry of Interior in fulfilling this activity pursuant to the Intersectoral Strategy against Corruption and other strategic documents.



June 9, 2021 / PAMECA V NEWS