PAMECA IV holds its 3rd Steering Committee Meeting


PAMECA IV holds its 3rd Steering Committee Meeting

The project is rated as a flagship project for its professional assistance in achieving the required standards in the area of JHA.

On 22 October 2014, PAMECA IV held its Third Stakeholders‘ Committee co-chaired by PAMECA IV Team Leader, Mr Butini, the General Director of the Albanian State Police, Mr Artan Didi and the Representative of the General Prosecutor’s Office, Mr Binaj. The third Steering Committee of PAMECA IV took place at the premises of the Police Development Centre and was attended by the main beneficiaries of PAMECA IV, Delegation of European Union in Tirana, representatives of the consortium countries of the project with the noted presence of the Italian Ambassador, French Ambassador, representative of the Austrian Embassy, and representative of the Hungarian Embassy, Albanian Institutions, sister projects in the field of Justice and Home Affairs (JHA), and other stakeholders.

The SC is the steering body of the project in charge of verifying the achievement of the outputs and results and discussing actions to be undertaken, approving the semi-annual work plans as well as recommending and approving modifications to the progress of the project and the work plan.

Mr Butini gave an overview of the activities of the Project in all its six intervention areas as per WP of Semester 2, highlighting the main achievements as well as the main deterring factors to the conduct of the activities, which were not many and were for the most part coped with and overcome. Steady progress over the six Components was made. A lot of activities have been implemented according to the Work Plan. The implementation of the activities was achieved by combining strategic approach, operational approach, workshops and trainings.

In his address, the ASP GD Mr. Didi said that PAMECA’s activities do reflect also the work performed by ASP during this period. Considering the assistance of PAMECA IV offered for so many years it is not possible to distinguish the activities of Police from the activities of the project. Mr. Didi thanked Mr. Butini and his staff for the successful implementation of the activities. Today ASP has a new face due to the undertaken reforms and police operations to secure the order and public safety. In this new phase the contribution of PAMECA IV has been tangible and active. Mr. Didi noticed that the second six monthly report shows the seriousness and the scientific methodology in implementing the activities foreseen in the Work Plan of PAMECA IV. Mr. Didi expressed his satisfaction for the activities performed and the relevant findings in the six monthly report. The time has shown that the objectives of PAMECA IV are fulfilled accordingly.

The excellent work of the project was acknowledged by the Representative of the EUD, Mr Claus Lech, Head of the Operations, who labelled PAMECA IV as a flagship project for its professional assistance in achieving the required standards in the area of JHA. Mr. Lech encouraged the beneficiaries to use PAMECA IV to update the action plans in line with 5 key priorities.

The third Stakeholders’ Committee Meeting approved the Work Plan for the third semester September 2014 – February 2015


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October 22, 2014 / PAMECA IV News