Simulation exercise on Techniques of Search of Buildings and Persons


Simulation exercise on Techniques of Search of Buildings and Persons

On 21 May 2019, PAMECA V initiated the simulation training activity on “Search of Buildings and Persons”, organised in close collaboration by PAMECA V and High Professional Police College (HPPC), Security Academy. The respective training is divided into four modules and will take place over four days.

The purpose and in integral part of this practical training programme is to equip the 211 cadets with the necessary knowledge on procedures of buildings and persons’ search, importance of teamwork and report writing. It also aims to introduce a new and innovative method of instruction, by offering an all-inclusive training method with the significant engagement of all the cadets of HPPC.

Keynote speakers were Mr Bilbil Mema, Director of the Security Academy, Mr Ylli Vasili, Director of HPPC and Mr Carlo D’Achille, PAMECA V Team Leader, who emphasised the importance of having the best knowledge and preparation of police officers, and also and Mr Giovanni Pasqua, PAMECA V Long Term Expert on Human Resources, and Mr Maurizio Mirarchi, PAMECA V Long Term Expert on Organised Crime, who gave a thorough presentation on the way how this activity will be implemented in all its phases.

The students showed great enthusiasm and interest to actively participate in this practical training.


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