Fourth and last module of simulation exercise on Techniques of Search of Buildings and Persons.


Fourth and last module of simulation exercise on Techniques of Search of Buildings and Persons.

Today, on 11th June, PAMECA V and High Professional Police College, Security Academy, concluded the fourth and last module of the simulation activity on Search of Buildings and Persons. All HPPC students were gathered to watch the three authentic didactic videos that contained the simulation exercises as performed by the 22 protagonist students, with the aim of further evaluating and constructively analysing their colleagues’ actions and performance.

After displaying the authentic videos, students were divided into 5 groups in order to thoroughly discuss and come up with comments and suggestions regarding the performed actions in the simulation exercises. Under the guidance of Mr Mirarchi, PAMECA V Expert who organised the respective simulation training, each representative presented their group’s comments and recommendations. This was a good opportunity for all students to interactively engage and become part in this simulation activity.

An integral part of this activity was the presentation of Mr Pirozzoli, Italian prosecutor and expert in PAMECA V, who deliberated about the investigation tools and judicial police activity on search of buildings and persons from the prospective of the Judicial authority, the importance of collaboration between the prosecutor office and judicial police and about how crucial it is to collect evidence properly for the trial and final result of the investigation process.

In addition, Mr Pasqua, who is PAMECA V Expert on Human Resources, underlined the methodology used in this simulation training, where students were the centre of the learning process and had an interactive role and participation throughout it.

Mr Gentjan Shehaj, Director of Planning and Control at Security Academy, and Mr Carlo D’Achille, PAMECA V Team Leader also addressed and expressed their thanks for the joint efforts and close collaboration between SA and PAMECA V in organising this training.


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June 12, 2019 / PAMECA V NEWS