Evaluation of the current situation regarding risk analysis model and practices at the Albanian Borders


Evaluation of the current situation regarding risk analysis model and practices at the Albanian Borders

PAMECA completed the first part of a ten-day mission on the evaluation of the current situation regarding risk analysis model and practices at the Albanian Borders. The was carried out through a short-term expert from FRONTEX recruited by PAMECA to this effect.

Over five days from 8 to 12 of July, working- visits were conducted to the Border and Migration Police Department (BMPD), the Regional Border and Migration Police Directorates (RBMPD) of Durres, Shkodra, Kukes and Tirana, the BMP Station and BCP Hani i Hotit, the BMP Station and shared BCP Morina, as well as to IMOC.

Meetings were held with the respective directors, risk analysis specialists, chief of stations, training specialists and other relevant actors, focussing on the current situation of risk analysis in terms of information collection, sources, products, reporting, distribution, information flow, feedback, human resources, training etc. A questionnaire prepared by PAMECA and the FRONTEX STE, sent to the BMP prior to the mission and the feedback received served as basis for discussions in the meetings. Interlocutors provided briefings on the current model and practices and exchanged points of views on the gaps that need to be addressed.

Day one of the evaluation started by a meeting at the BMPD where the Head of Risk Analysis Sector and relevant stakeholders at central level provided an overview on the use and role of risk assessment in the process of decision making, the IBM Strategy and during the staff recruitment, training and planning. The following field visit to Rinas Airport BMP Commissariat / BCP and the meeting with the risk analysis officer and the chief of commissariat focussed on the use of assessment’s findings and risk profiles during planning and performing border checks and other measures and on operational side at the airport.

In day two, the mission team visited the RBMPD Durres and IMOC. Interlocutors in the respective meetings held briefed PAMECA on the different types of risk analysis reports and products they prepare, the risk profiles related to blue border and the joint risk analysis prepared at IMOC.

During day three and four, field visits conducted respectively to the RBMPD Shkoder and RBMPD Kukes included visits to the BMP Station/BCP Hani i Hotit and BMP Station/shared BCP Morina. The field visit to RBMPD Tirana in day five concluded the first part of the risk analysis evaluation mission.

Risk analysis specialists, directors and other relevant interlocutors provided extensive briefings on the current situation of risk analysis in their respective directorates in terms of products, information exchange, shortcomings, needs etc. Discussions in these meetings focussed also on the challenges posed by the current organisational set-up of risk analysis at regional level and the workload of the only risk analysis specialist at each RBMPD.

During the visits at the BMP stations, meetings were held with the respective Chiefs of Stations (CoS) focussing on the risk analysis reports they prepare at station level and sent to their RBMPD. Discussions focussed on the role of risk analysis they perform in the planning and allocation of resources for border control and border surveillance activities.

Information received by PAMECA during these field-visits and meetings will be used to develop relevant recommendations to be included in the evaluation report. The evaluation of current risk analysis situation at the Albanian Border by PAMECA and FRONTEX is the first step in the process of establishing a Risk Analysis System modelled on CIRAM 2.0.


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July 15, 2019 / PAMECA V NEWS