Support law enforcement agencies in enhancing investigative capacities


Support law enforcement agencies in enhancing investigative capacities

PAMECA V enabled the participation of the Chief of Dactyloscopy Sector of the ASP Forensic Police Institute in the Annual Meeting of the Working Group of fingerprint specialists of the European Network of Forensic Science Institutes (ENFSI) that took place in Porto from 08 – 13 of September 2019.

This year, the Working Group meeting focused on some new techniques for the detection and identification of papillary traces, including some new advanced techniques being developed by European FPI laboratories.

Moreover, discussions were held on issues relating to strategies and definition of effective documentation for the examination of papillary traces, the standardization of parameters of papillary trace analysis and how judges, prosecutors and police officers of various countries do understand the acts of expertise of dactyloscopy identification and the evaluation of digital images of papillary traces as forensic evidence.

The meeting was followed by a practical demonstration for about three hours on digital processing of difficult papillary traces, using photoshop software techniques.

PAMECA V will continue to support the Forensic Police Institute in enhancing their professional skills and capacities in the fight against crime.

September 30, 2019 / PAMECA V NEWS