Conference on “Modern Approach to Foster Integrity in Albanian State Police”


Conference on “Modern Approach to Foster Integrity in Albanian State Police”

On 9 October 2019, the Ministry of Interior, in cooperation with Albanian State Police, PAMECA V and the Geneva Centre for Security Sector Governance (DCAF), organized a Conference on Modern Approach to Foster Integrity in Albanian State Police. This Conference brought together high level officials and high representatives from the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Interior, Albanian State Police (ASP), Service for Internal Affairs and Complaints (SIAC) and External Evaluation Commission for Police Vetting, representatives of Royal Norwegian Embassy, EU Delegation, EU IPA Projects in Albania and representatives of civil society, to announce the establishment of a Joint Working Group of SIAC and ASP to implement the risk assessment analysis on anticorruption and other integrity violations leading to an Integrity Plan in the Albanian State Police, to be assisted by PAMECA V and DCAF.

Deputy Minister of Interior Mr Julian Hodaj, presented the aim of the event and then give the floor to the Deputy Minister of Justice Ms Fjoralbla Caka, Director General of State Police Mr Ardi Veliu, Head of Cooperation in EU Delegation in Tirana Mr Mario Mariani, Deputy Ambassador of Royal Norwegian Embassy, Ms Jenny Sorvold, Head of Police Program DCAF, Mr Paulo Costa, and Team Leader of PAMECA V, Mr Carlo D`Achille.

The Conference on “Modern Approach to Foster Integrity in Albanian State Police” addressed the contrast to corruption in law enforcement agencies, especially in Police as an indispensable path to build a solid institution and enhance public trust in law enforcement agencies. The conference helped to achieve a solid understanding of the various manifestations of police corruption as fundamental to tailor a proper anti-corruption approach and highlighted the strong commitment of the Albanian Ministry of Interior and Albanian Police to implement this modern approach.

The Deputy Minister of Interior underlined  that strengthening integrity within law enforcement structures must be channelled through major processes, such as verification of law enforcement officers subordinate to the Ministry of Interior, education and training system designed to induce to future State Police officers the importance of their mission, a clear and consolidated system for controlling and monitoring the performance and integrity of day-to-day operations, in order to ensure that all initiatives taken are sustainable.

The General Director of Albanian State Police defined police integrity as a key point for all law enforcement institutions; therefore, it is essential to build mechanisms that can prevent, detect and punish corruption, as well as foster a culture of integrity in the country.

Mr Mario Marini, Head of Cooperation of EU Delegation in Albania, stressed the importance of an effective implementation of anticorruption policies in the path to the EU integration.

Both PAMECA Team Leaders and DCAF Representative, emphasised their readiness to support the Albanian Ministry of Interior and Albanian State Police in drafting and finalizing the Integrity Action Plan and the risk assessment analysis on corruption prone practices, underlining that this will be an-ongoing process that has to be updated and upgraded regularly, if the Albanian Institution want to make it became and effective tools to increase the Integrity of Albanian Police and the confidence of Albanian citizens in the Law Enforcement.

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October 11, 2019 / PAMECA V NEWS