Two-days training on “Modern Approach to Foster Integrity in Albanian State Police”


Two-days training on “Modern Approach to Foster Integrity in Albanian State Police”

PAMECA V and DCAF (Geneva Centre for Security Sector Governance) organized a two-days training on ‘Modern Approach to Foster Integrity in Albanian State Police’, with the scope of providing to the Working Group, composed by members from Albanian State Police (ASP) and Ministry of Interior (MoI), with the necessary knowledge to prepare a deep mapping of corruption risks within Albanian State Police.

This activity was anticipated by a High-Level Conference on Police Integrity related issues that served to establish the mentioned Working Group and to describe to a larger public composed by national stakeholder and international partners on corruption risk analysis methodology and the importance to establish preventive measures and mechanism to fight any kind of corruption within ASP.

Considering that both ASP and the Service for Internal Affairs and Complaints (SIAC) at MoI appreciated the idea of preparing a risk assessment document and the fact that not only ASP but also most of the Albanian institutions lacks this type of documents, DCAF and PAMECA V expressed their willingness to support ASP and SIAC in preparing this new tool on integrity related issues.

Based on the strong commitment expressed by MoI and ASP Director General, Mr Veliu, to prepare a concrete Action Plan of Integrity for ASP, PAMECA V and DCAF organised this training for the 18 members of the Working Group coming from SIAC, Directorate of Policies and Strategies for Public Order and Security at MoI, Directorate of Professional Standards, Audit Sector and Strategic and Analysis Sector at ASP, and Office of the National Anti-Corruption Coordinator at the Ministry of Justice.

Mr Giovanni Pasqua, PAMECA V LTE on Human Resources, highlighted the importance of this process, the interactivity of all the members of the Working Group, s and expressed the commitment of PAMECA V and DCAF to assist State Police in preparing a risk analysis and a Police Integrity Plan that could serve as model approach for all the Albanian Institutions.

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October 17, 2019 / PAMECA V NEWS