Roundtable on Capacity Development of Finance Directorates in ASP


Roundtable on Capacity Development of Finance Directorates in ASP

On 17 January 2020, PAMECA V organised a Roundtable on Capacity Development of Finance Units of the Albanian State Police, in view of its support regarding the computerization of the administration and financial reporting process, which is part of PAMECA V 5th Work Plan Activity 5.2.5 “Support capacity development for finance units in central and local police structures”.

At the roundtable participated staff of Albanian State Police Finance Directorate, including Finance Officers in the 12 Local Police Directorates, and the competent staff of Human Resources, Support Services and IT Department. The main topics discussed were the internal process and the needs of the Finance Directorate at Albanian State Police.

Mr Giovanni Pasqua, PAMECA V Long Term Expert on Human Resources, Mr Xhafer Bajrami, Finance Director, and Ms Albana Vrapi, Chief of Sector of IT Directorate at Albanian State Police, highlighted the importance of this activity especially referring to it as one of the main challenges of Ministry of Interior as noted in the Document on Work Priorities for Ministry of Interior ‘Direction, Objectives, Challenges’ published in January 2019.

January 20, 2020 / PAMECA V NEWS