PAMECA V supports the Albanian State Police in the fight against Covid-19


PAMECA V supports the Albanian State Police in the fight against Covid-19

Today on 22.04.2020, PAMECA V in cooperation with and on behalf of the EUD donated 3000 hand sanitizer supplies to Albanian State Police (ASP), as support to preventive measures against spread of Covid-19 virus.

Mr Gilles Locchi, PAMECA V Long Term Expert stated during the donation ceremony that the Project, committed to assist the beneficiaries following the spread of Covid-19, has prioritised its activities and upon approval of the EU Delegation, it has made available the Project`s Contingency budget to finance hand sanitizer supplies for the Police Officers, in accordance to the needs of the ASP.

Mr. Thodhori Gravani, Director of the Support Services Directorate, thanked PAMECA V for the assistance provided, emphasizing the necessity of the protective supplies for Police Forces. Mr. Gravani also thanked PAMECA V for the cooperation and sharing the ‘Pandemic Guidelines for Law Enforcement’. This Guideline has been very helpful to Patrol Police Officers to better implement the precautionary measures.

Moreover, PAMECA V in close cooperation with the ASP, will facilitate the delivery of hand sanitiser supplies to various Local Police Directorates.

The cooperation with ASP and Local Police Directorates is considered to be of utmost importance for PAMECA V and we highly appreciate the opportunity to provide such tangible support during this difficult time.


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