Support to the Albanian Forensic Police Institute – Study Visit to Rome


Support to the Albanian Forensic Police Institute – Study Visit to Rome

In view of the support provided to its beneficiaries, PAMECA V finalised on 13 – 14 October 2020 a study visit at the Forensic Institute in Rome, Italy for an Albanian delegation comprised of Leader Vladimir IKONOMI, Director of FI, Leader Dritan ZOTO, Chief of Evaluation of Papillary Prints and Scene Inspection Sector at the FI, Leader Orest AFEZOLLI, Chief of Dactyloscopy Sector at the FI, Leader Luida NDOKA, Chief of Quality Management Sector and Ms Margarita Vogli, Specialist at Supervision Unit, Ministry of Interior.

The main objective of this visit was to strengthen the cooperation with international counterparts in the area of forensic examination, exchange data, best practices and European standards, etc.

During the visit the Albanian Delegation, welcomed by Mr Luigi Rinella Director of the Italian Forensic Service of Polizia di Stato, had the opportunity to meet their counterparts and exchange experiences.

Several meeting and visits to the main laboratories were held including DNA profile extraction, graphic investigation, handwriting investigation, Automatic image recognition system (S.A.R.I.), virtual reality and 3D reconstruction, phonic investigation (identification of the speaker) etc.

A special point of interest were the contacts established with the Staff Area on quality matters for the certification of laboratories, safety and health of workplaces, who emphasized the need to adopt European and international standards regarding the use and maintenance of equipment, execution and preparation of technical acts.

In addition, the Albanian Delegation had the opportunity to know some of the attributes recognized to the Italian colleagues, such as the possibility to conduct paid activities during non-official hours, using the Institute’s laboratories.

The Italian counterpart highlighted that the latest analytical methodologies are realized through advanced instruments obtained with EU funds. Emphasizing this aspect, the representatives of the Italian Forensic Institute recommended the Albanian Delegation to benefit by EU technical and financial support.


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October 16, 2020 / PAMECA V NEWS