Online Training on independent investigation and investigation techniques


Online Training on independent investigation and investigation techniques

40 judges and prosecutors attended the online training moderated by Professor Henrik Ligori of the School of Magistrates and organized by PAMECA V in cooperation with the Italian HJC-AICS Project and EURALIUS V, on 22 October 2020.

Some of the most noteworthy topics of the presentation of Italian Prosecutor Carmine Pirozzoli were proactive investigations, international cooperation during investigation of transnational crimes, the advantages of using joint investigation teams, their competence and functioning in the territories of each of the parties. A template agreement on establishment of a JIT was also shared with the participants.

The presentation of Prosecutor Daniela Sulaj focused on the role of the courts and prosecution offices in the implementation of the novelties of the Anti-Mafia Law, procedure for the enforcement of preventive measures, competent court, deadlines for asset investigations, sequestration and confiscation procedure.

Italian Prosecutor Giovanni Conzo explained the Italian experience on asset investigations and money laundering: investigative techniques, regulatory instruments and judicial cooperation regarding sequestration and confiscations.

This training served to share national and international experience in conducting efficient and independent investigations by applying various new investigation techniques and concrete tools and methodologies to improve international cooperation.

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October 30, 2020 / PAMECA V NEWS