Presentation of ASP Integrity Plan


Presentation of ASP Integrity Plan

PAMECA V, DCAF (Geneva Centre for Security Sector Governance) and Albanian State Police organised the second round of the regional meetings on the implementation of the Integrity Plan, training on police integrity and risk assessment. The meetings were organised in Korca and Shkoder Local Police Directorates and were attended by the nearby Police Commissariats. In the opening remarks Mr Giovanni Pasqua, PAMECA V Expert on Organised Crime, speaking also on behalf of DCAF, highlighted the fact that Integrity Plan is not only a document that certifies the willingness of ASP to improve integrity, but an ongoing process for assessing the level of vulnerability of the organisation and establish mechanisms to better identify and handle risks on daily basis. This Document will help State Police to have a clear vision and will lead the organisation towards efficiency and good results on integrity related issues.

During both meetings, the participants had the opportunity to discuss on the identification of risk at local level, that expose Directorates and Police Commissariats more towards corruption. Implementation of integrity measures, definition of tangible and concrete indicators were widely discussed among the participants.

PAMECA Project and DCAF will continue the organisation of regional meetings aiming to promote the implementation of Integrity Plan, monitoring and training of police officers nationwide.

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June 14, 2021 / PAMECA V NEWS