Pilot Training on Administration of Prosecution Office and statistics as strategic tools for improving performance


Pilot Training on Administration of Prosecution Office and statistics as strategic tools for improving performance

Statistics play a vital role in the criminal justice system. They provide the tools necessary for research in the field of criminal justice system, plays an important role in discovering crime trends, and can also be transformed into a strategic instruments for improving performance.

In the framework of PAMECA V Work Plan and in particular of Activity 1.2.64 Workshop on ‘Administration of Prosecution Office and statistics as a strategic tool in the improvement of performance’, which provides for support to further improve beneficiaries’ capacity to collect, elaborate and use statistics as a tool for improving institutional performance, PAMECA V in close coordination with Italian HJC-AICS Project, EURALIUS V, General Prosecution Office and School of Magistrates, organized a pilot training on this topic.

The activity was held in two consecutive days for two rounds from 15th – 18th of June, with the participation of the Heads of the Prosecution Offices attached to the appeal courts of general jurisdiction and Heads of the Prosecution Office attached to the first instance courts of general jurisdiction and the respective clerks who are engaged in the collection, elaboration and processing of statistical data.

Mr. Olsian Çela, General Prosecutor of Albania in his opening remarks pointed out that transparent, timely and accurate statistical data are crucial to guide the policymaking in crime and to improve the quality of and access to information used for decision making.

Mr. Carlo D’Achille, PAMECA V Team Leader highlighted the importance of a better management of human resources through the use of statistics, as a tool to also improve the efficiency of prosecution offices, aiming to better understand the intervention areas where to concentrate forces, and boost office performance.

Italian Professors engaged in the topic, prosecutors and experts of the field introduced international standards and EU best practices in measuring performance of Prosecution Offices. The training presented the Italian example in the organization of the prosecution office aiming to provide efficiency and quality of the public prosecution offices. Albanian prosecutors described the process of collecting and reporting statistics in practice, the challenges, and the possible solutions to transform statistics into a strategic document for the improvement of office performance.

The pilot Training was designed as a combination of theoretical approach with the practical exercises with the scope to assess the work of Prosecution Office through statistics.


June 17, 2021 / PAMECA V NEWS