Controlled Delivery exercise organised by PAMECA V


Controlled Delivery exercise organised by PAMECA V

PAMECA V OC/LTE organized a practical exercise on Controlled delivery techniques in close cooperation with Illegal Trafficking Sector and the Special Operational Force of ASP, on 29-30 July 2019.

The practical phase of the activity was delivered together with the participation of Montenegrin counterparts.
There were all steps of a real operation undertaken, starting with a simulation of a proactive criminal investigation in Albania, up to the agreement of Montenegrin authorities for the Controlled Delivery.

Implemented in both countries, the exercise was an opportunity for several exchanges in terms of legal framework, operational techniques and the use of technical equipment. Furthermore, the field cooperation between the undercover agents, handlers and surveillance teams of both countries created and strengthened the human contacts, useful for a future real operation.

With the agreement of Albanian and Montenegrin police authorities, observers of both surveillance teams participated to the practical phase: Albanians in Montenegro and vice versa.

The activity will follow up with a workshop in order to firstly propose a standard operational procedure for such an operation and secondly to address difficulties faced during the process.

August 1, 2019 / PAMECA V NEWS