PAMEA IV supports ASP Director’s visit to EUROPOL HQ


PAMEA IV supports ASP Director’s visit to EUROPOL HQ

With the support of PAMECA IV, the ASP Director, Executive Leader Haki Çako, headed a delegation of the ASP to EUROPOL, the EU agency for law enforcement. In this visit Mr. Çako met with the Director of Europol, Mr. Wainwright.

This visit follows several other meetings and successful operational involvements of the ASP with its strategic and operational partner, the Europol.

Main topics discussed in this meeting relate to the priorities of both organizations on the fight against criminal phenomena and the increase of cooperation between and among partners. Organised crime, terrorism in all its forms as well as illegal migration were among the important issues discussed and analysed in the meeting between the two directors. Increase of cooperation for real time information exchange and participation in joint investigations as well as risk analysis as per Europol criteria, is the modus operandi of both organizations for confronting the criminal phenomena.

In the meeting with the Europol Director, the ASP Director made an exposé of the successful cooperation with the Europol since the signing of the Operational and Strategic Agreement in December 2013.

Exchange of information has increased exponentially since the signing of the agreement and the ASP is now a regular participant in many joint operations with Europol made possible by the exchange of data through the safe Europol network, SIENA.

The participation of the ASP in the Europol focal points is considered of great importance and a priority for the national Europol office in line with the ASP strategy and the obligations stemming from the priorities of the GoA for the European integration. In this respect, the ASP director expressed his willingness and commitment and that of the organization he runs, to increase cooperation with its international strategic partners, especially with Europol. In this regard the assistance of Europol in improving the criminal analysis in general and the SOCTA in particular, as well as the involvement of the ASP in joint investigations, is a priority that the ASP is looking at accomplishing to implement the priorities of the GoA in the fight against organized crime terrorism in all its forms, and illegal migration.

Mr. Wainwright thanked the ASP Director for the visit and highlighted that the partnership of Europol and Albania is one of the milestones of the organization he runs and that he is honoured and proud of having signed the operational and strategic agreement with Albania. Confirming that the cooperation with Albania is excellent he pointed out that Europol will be open and will involve Albania in all focal points set up as a sign of increased trust and cooperation with a trustworthy partner.

The Director of Europol appreciated the work done so far by the ASP in increasing the capacities of the Europol office and the work done by the Albanian LO at Europol reminding hat his presence is an added value that Europol has in terms of opportunities offered to the EU MS in exchanging information and analyzing the risk of criminal phenomena.

Mr. Wainwright reiterated his willingness and that of Europol regarding the cooperation with the ASP and invited the Albanian delegation to make a visit in the Europol premises.

The ASP delegation visited the new operational center of Europol, inaugurated on 15 October 2016, which is a novelty and an excellent opportunity to exchange information fast and making Europol databases available for analysis and coordination of teams for real-time intervention.


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