ASP introduces e-cars to its vehicle fleet


ASP introduces e-cars to its vehicle fleet

Today the MoIA promoted the use of electric cars donated to the ASP fleet by OShEE (Albanian Electric Energy Distribution Company) in a visibility event performed at the MoIA yard. The TL of PAMECA IV was invited to the event and attended.

OShEE donated to the ASP 11 WV e-golf electric cars following a proposal on the part of MoIA for such vehicles. The proposal was accepted and materialized also as a sign of recognition for the police contribution in the campaign against electric energy theft launched by the current government since the beginning of its term. This campaign, where the police played a major role, did not only aim at giving an end to the unlawful practices of abusing the electric power and its distribution infrastructure, but did also increase the incomes from this service into the state budget.

According to MoIA Tahiri, such vehicles will not only contribute to boost the performance of the police by also ensuring low cost transportation and minimum maintenance requirements (they require electric energy worth 1 euro to run for 100 km, compared to the current fuel consumption of about 25 euros for 100km), but they will also contribute to a cleaner and healthier environment and above all they show how the ASP today is embracing new healthy technologies, making Albania the first country in the region to use electric cars and among the 5 countries in Europe.

The formal ceremony was followed by a short demonstration of the vehicles.

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October 5, 2016 / PAMECA IV News