Workshop “On the Report of Assessment of Analysed Corruption Cases”

Workshop “On the Report of Assessment of Analysed Corruption Cases”

In the framework of PAMECA IV Work Plan and in particular of Activity 2.1, which provides support to further enhance the investigation capacity of ASP and GPO in the fight against organized crime, PAMECA IV organised the Workshop “On the Report of Assessment of Analysed Corruption Cases”

The Workshop was held on the 16th of November 2016, at the premises of the General Prosecution Office with the participation of the Heads of Joint Investigation Units, Judicial Police Officers of Serious and Organised Crime Directorate at Albanian State Police and representatives of Albanian Financial Intelligence Unit.

The Assessment Report is divided into three main sections. The first section presents the general issues in the fight against corruption which have been identified by PAMECA IV during the implementation of its activities with the beneficiaries. The second section presents the issues or shortcomings in the investigation, prosecution and trial of corruption cases which were identified as a result of analysis and assessment of 23 corruption cases, including 2 cases for hiding of assets. The cases cover the period 2008-2014. The third section presents some recommendations for the relevant authorities on how to address the issues identified in order to improve the fight against corruption offences in Albania.

The Workshop will serve to discuss several findings and suggestions, mainly focused, but not limited to the institutional set up of the Joint Investigation Units, their functions, operational aspects, institutional collaboration, and the outcomes of the analysis of closed cases.

PAMECA IV Long Term Expert, Mr. Francesco Ciardi, provided a detailed introduction of the main findings and recommendations mirrored in the concrete cases that were assessed by PAMECA.

The Workshop served to exchange views and practical experience with Albanian counterparts on a conducting efficient and proactive investigations on corruption, followed by a professional and interactive technical discussion.

November 18, 2016 / PAMECA IV News