Assessment of the Green Border Surveillance at the border to Greece


Assessment of the Green Border Surveillance at the border to Greece

EU-border control has to comprise border checks and border crossing points in strict accordance with the Schengen Borders Code and adequate surveillance of the border sections between the authorized border crossing points, so that bypassing the checks is made impossible.

PAMECA IV, IBM,  supported by the OSCE and the Albanian border police, organized  from 12 – 23 of September an activity to assess the situation and identify needs at the green border with Greece.

During these two weeks an expert from the Polish Border Guard, assisted by the LTE/IBM,  visited the border to Greece. The team started with a visit to the Regional Directorate in Korca and then also visited the BCP Kapshtice as well as different sections of the green border.  The team then continued with a visit to the Regional Directorate of Gjirokastra, where the BCPs Kakavija, Tre Urat and Qaf Bote were visited. Also there questions were asked to the Chiefs of Stations to understand the real situation at the green border. In both cases also the Local Directors for Border and Migration were interviewed and additional questions were asked in order to get a comprehensive overview over the situation.

Additionally the team met with the Greek counterparts to assess the level of cooperation and what could be improved in this regards.

At end of this assessment first findings were presented to the General Director for Border and Migration. The expert will now prepare a report with recommendations to the authorities and advice on how to prepare a strategic plan, how to address detected shortcomings and how to reach a strong and reliable – and also EU-compatible – border surveillance.

It is intended to use the current exercise furthermore as a blueprint for all other border sections and – step-by-step – enlarge this exercise across the whole external border of Albania, so that at the end the whole external border would be structured accordingly.

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October 3, 2016 / PAMECA IV News