Assistance to Border Training Course on Border Control


Assistance to Border Training Course on Border Control

From 10 to 14 of February 2014 PAMECA IV provided further assistance to the Border and Migration Department through the LTE,  who delivered a second one-week training course to the 4 months training course for border police employees working at the air-, land- and sea border of Albania. While the first course primarily focused on Risk analysis, the main focus was this time put on the EU- and Schengen-Acquis relevant for border control, the concept of Integrated Border Management and Data Protection.

Mr. Berndt Koerner, the LTE for Integrated Border Management started with a brief overview about the background of Schengen, then explained the relevant entry requirements both from the European and also form the Albanian perspective and concluded his contribution with practical examples about IBM (intra-service, inter-agency and international cooperation) and the importance of Data Protection.

In the course of the discussions Mr. Koerner also answered several questions by giving examples, how other EU- and Schengen Member States replied to particular operational challenges, and so gave examples, how they had implemented the relevant EU- and Schengen standards and best practices.

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