Assistance to Border Training Course on Risk Analysis


Assistance to Border Training Course on Risk Analysis

From 13 to 17 of January 2014 PAMECA IV provided assistance to the Border and Migration Department by bringing a short term expert, who delivered a one-week training course to the 4 months training course for border police employees working at the air-, land- and sea border of Albania.

The course, which started in November and which will last until March, aims at enhancing the skills and knowledge of border police employees in critical areas such as EU legislation, Data Protection, the Schengen Borders Code, Risk Analysis and other related fields. PAMECA IV, upon the request of Border and Migration Department, delivered assistance by recruiting Mr. Peter KAROHL, the head of a Police Inspectorate at the border between Germany and the Czech Republic and a highly skilled international expert with long OSCE, UN and EU-experience and in-depth knowledge in EU policies and practices. Mr. Peter Karohl delivered for one week presentations on Risk Analysis and Risk Profiles, the FRONTEX Common Risk  Analysis Model CIRAM and selected chapters of the Schengen Borders Code and the Practical Handbook for Border Guards.

During his lectures, he put particular emphasis on the importance of risks analysis as a tool for better planning and allocation of resources and also informed about policies and best practices of the EU and Schengen in the field of border security. By sharing his practical experiences as an evaluator in several EU- and Schengen Member States, he also contributed to the efforts of the Albanian State Police to implement a system in strict compliance with the EU- and Schengen-Acquis and best practices.

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