Workshop on “Introducing EU experience on drafting criminal charges”


Workshop on “Introducing EU experience on drafting criminal charges”

In the framework of PAMECA IV Work Plan and in particular of Activity 2.7, which provides for developing further corruption analysis and internal cooperation and coordination among relevant institutions, PAMECA IV organised the Workshop on “Introducing EU experience on drafting criminal charges”. A set of samples/templates of criminal charges for the most sensitive and widespread criminal offences was prepared in advance and disseminated to the participants during the training workshop.

The Workshop was held on 19th and 20th of November 2015, at the premises of School of Magistrates with the participation of prosecutors from several District Prosecution Offices. One Italian prosecutor, respectively Mr. Emilio Gatti, who prepared the templates of charges, introduced his best practice on drafting charges based on international standards and Albanian legal framework. Concrete cases were disseminated to the participants who were divided in working groups and were instructed on drafting charges on specific cases.

Mr. Madrid Kullolli, Prosecutor at General Prosecution Office and Mr. Dritan Rreshka, Head of Anti-Corruption Unit at Serious Crime Prosecution Office highlighted the importance of this topic. They were focused on introducing Albanian experience and problems to be faced while drafting charges, especially for highly complex and sensitive cases.

The Workshop served to exchange views and practical experience with Albanian counterparts on drafting criminal charges, followed by a professional and interactive technical discussion.

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November 24, 2015 / PAMECA IV News