ICARUS project launched in Albania


ICARUS project launched in Albania

In the framework of cooperation with the Albanian State Police, in particular with Tirana Regional Police Directorate, PAMECA IV launches a road safety awareness initiative targeting youngsters (high school students) – as new road users-with regard to respective norms of educational behaviour. This initiative is based on the EU-wide project ICARUS (Inter Cultural Approaches for Road Users Safety) which originally started in 2001 in Italy as an awareness-raising campaign, related to road safety issues, bearing the motto “Live/enjoy on the roads with the safety” (1st edition) promoted jointly by Italian State Police in collaboration with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport and the Ministry of Education. In 2009, ICARUS Project became a pilot project in Europe about road safety education and training, funded by the European Commission and involving 14 EU Members States.

A series of awareness-raising activities involving PAMECA IV, police, education institutions, students and other relevant stakeholders, will be conducted in the major high schools in several cities in Albania. One of the main activities will be the screening of the movie ‘Young Europe’, produced in the framework of ICARUS project. While targeting the high school students and conveying the message that they must stimulate their thinking and their evaluation skills in order to make conscious choices on the road, the movie aims at encouraging them to think about their behaviour and use of roads.

ICARUS initiative starts in Tirana as a joint collaboration among PAMECA IV, police and education system targeting youngsters in particular high school students. Tirana city will serve as a pilot phase prior to the project’s rollout nationwide. Such joint initiative will promote active institutional cooperation amongst police, community and education system to increase road safety.

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January 23, 2015 / PAMECA IV News