Joint police meeting in Bari, Italy


Joint police meeting in Bari, Italy

“Albanian State Police (ASP)/Border and Migration and Italian State Police/Guardia di Finanza and Border Police representatives held a working meeting on border and migration matters of common interest supported by PAMECA V and hosted by Italian State Police in Bari, Italy on 18th July 2017. The team of eight Albanian police officers from the Local Border and Migration Police Directorates of Durres and Vlora attending the meeting was accompanied by PAMECA V Team Leader and Long Term Expert on Integrated Border Management (IBM). 

 PAMECA V support to this joint Albanian-Italian police work meeting came in response to a specific request of the ASP and it is part of the assistance provided under the IBM component aiming at further aligning the Albanian Border Security System to the 2006 Council conclusions on IBM and the EU 4-tier access control model as well as further familiarising the Albanian authorities with the policies and practices of the EU/EU Member States and Schengen in this field.

 The meeting focused on the security situation in the maritime area between Albania and Italy, the measures taken for the prevention of trans-border crime, (mainly drug trafficking) and the further strengthening of cooperation at operational level between the police services of the two main Albanian ports (Durres and Vlora) and Bari port.

 Guardia di Finanza participants gave several presentations on their tasks and responsibilities in the prevention of trans-border crime, other issues regarding blue border and the cooperation with their Albanian counterparts.

 In a franc and open discussions the Italian and Albanian counterparts raised issues of mutual concern and/or interest such as the increasing number of the Albanian citizens not fulfilling the requirements needed to enter the Schengen Area, the exchange of information, training opportunities, the possibility of the deployment of Italian Border police officers in Albania and/or the opportunity to deploy EU MS police officers or Frontex etc.

 The meeting was very well organised and was held in a good cooperation spirit. Albanian police officers could learn from their counterparts about the Italian Border Control maters in Bari.

PAMECA V shares the conviction of both sides that exchange of information between the authorities is very important and greatly contributes to strengthen cross-border cooperation between Albania and Schenghen area countries.


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July 21, 2017 / PAMECA V NEWS