The Team Leader of PAMECA IV, Mr. Butini, accompanied the Albanian State Police Director, Executive Leader Çako to the annual Foro di Roma, an event organized between 5-6 December 2016 by the Italian State Police, with the support of EUROPOL.

This event is an annual meeting of the chiefs of police … Read More

As part of road safety awareness activities carried out by PAMECA IV in the context of ICARUS Project, a seminar was organized in Sami Frashëri High School with the participation of Minister of Interior, Director of Traffic Police, Director of Tirana TP Commissariat, 40 students and teachers and the PAMECA … Read More

In the framework of PAMECA IV Work Plan and in particular of Activity 2.1, which provides support to further enhance the investigation capacity of ASP and GPO in the fight against organized crime, PAMECA IV organised the Workshop “On the Report of Assessment of Analysed Corruption Cases”

The Workshop was held … Read More

In the context of Activity 2.2 “Support to develop the role of judicial police and agents of ASP to conduct crime investigation and further develop intelligence-led policing”, PAMECA IV has organised a 3-day study visit to the French Directorate of Judicial Police.  During this visit, General Director for Serious and … Read More

PAMECA IV recruited Mr. Stefano Ricciardiello for monitoring of professional attitude of patrol units, positioning of vehicles in the road and adopting of self-protection measures by the police employees.  During the 4 days mission (8-11 November 2016) the STE had the opportunity to observe the performance of ASP during the … Read More

With the support of PAMECA IV, the ASP Director, Executive Leader Haki Çako, headed a delegation of the ASP to EUROPOL, the EU agency for law enforcement. In this visit Mr. Çako met with the Director of Europol, Mr. Wainwright.

This visit follows several other meetings and successful operational involvements of … Read More

As part of advisory support activities under Component 4, PAMECA IV LTE took part in the briefing of traffic police employees responsible for Tirana urban centre and highway. The LTE contribution focused on practical operational techniques of road patrolling, use of bare hands and signs to direct the traffic. The … Read More

PAMECA IV recruited a STE Mr. Maurizio Mirachi to deliver a Regional Course on “Interceptions” and “Money Laundering” at LPD of Vlora, on 26 and 27 October 2016 . The Regional Course on “Interceptions” and “Money Laundering” was attended by middle-ranking officers of LPD of Vlora, Gjirokastra, Fier and Berat.

The … Read More

Considering the importance that Road Code amendments and provisions on vehicular homicide (proposed amendments to Criminal Code) entail, PAMECA IV deployed Mr. Alessandro Abruzzini for a two day mission which took place during the 17th and 18th of October 2016.

Mr. Abruzzini works in the Legal Department of the Directorate of … Read More

In the framework of the Activity 5.4., “Assessment of the infrastructure and the technical equipment for border control at the air, land and sea border and at the IMOC with a view to further enhance border surveillance at the blue border”, PAMECA IV organized the second workshop for the IMOC … Read More

Today the MoIA promoted the use of electric cars donated to the ASP fleet by OShEE (Albanian Electric Energy Distribution Company) in a visibility event performed at the MoIA yard. The TL of PAMECA IV was invited to the event and attended.

OShEE donated to the ASP 11 WV e-golf electric … Read More

EU-border control has to comprise border checks and border crossing points in strict accordance with the Schengen Borders Code and adequate surveillance of the border sections between the authorized border crossing points, so that bypassing the checks is made impossible.

PAMECA IV, IBM,  supported by the OSCE and the Albanian border … Read More