Biography of the Team Leader

Carlo D’Achille
Team Leader

Mr Carlo D’Achille joined the Italian State Police in 1988. Mr D`Achille is a Lt. Colonel with an extensive experience in International Cooperation. During years 2011 – 2014, he served as Police Liaison Officer in Croatia and during years 2014 – 2017 he served as Police Liaison Officer in Serbia to facilitate the exchange of information among Italian Law Enforcement agencies and national authorities in international police cooperation. He provided operational support to the Europol-led EMPACT WB by implementing specific activities based on an Operational Plan, such as Joint Police Operation “Europe-2013”.
Mr D`Achille worked for the Italian Ministry of Interior for several years, serving in different managerial positions. For a period of six years, Mr D`achille has been working as Head of Section within the Directorate of Human Resources at Department of Public Security at Ministry of Internal Affairs.
Meanwhile his previous professional experiences, during years 1994-2004, include serving in the National Police Headquarters of Florence and Milan, respectively in the Special Police Battalion and Anticrime Division, Investigation Unit, Witness Protection Unit, Patrol Unit. During this period, he also served as Italian Contingent Commander, Deputy Regional Commander for Administration, Operations and then Head of Section at the Central Intelligence Unit, within the UNMIK Mission in Kosovo as well.
In 2015 he acted as expert of the OSCE Annual Police Experts Meeting in fighting organised crime, trafficking of human beings and illegal migration, but not only. Mr D’Achille provided his expertise also in the Monitoring Group for the evaluation study on the EU Policy Cycle for serious international and organized crime during 2013-2017 and served as a national expert for the European Firearms Expert Group.
Mr D’Achille was graduated at “Istituto Superiore di Polizia” in Rome and has a master’s Degree in law from “La Sapienza” University in Rome and he holds two II level Masters, one in “Planning and management of police academies and training centres” and the other on “Peacekeeping and Security studies, management of international and humanitarian crisis”, awarded from Universities “Cattolica” and “Roma Tre” in Italy.
Since 2017, Mr Carlo D’Achille joined PAMECA project on Consolidation of Law Enforcement Agencies, Support to the Ministry of Interior, Albanian State Police and Prosecutor Offices as Team Leader and Long Term-Expert on Strategic planning and coordination capacities for direct beneficiaries. He is married and has two daughters.