PAMECA IV in front of EU journalists


PAMECA IV in front of EU journalists

The Team Leader of PAMECA IV, Mr Butini was invited to speak to journalists from various EU countries in an event organised in Tirana at the premises of General Directorate of the Albanian State Police. This event was organised by DG Enlargement.

This is the third year in a row such an event takes place and year after year there are achievements reported in the performance of the ASP thanks to its policies and the continuous support provided by the EU through its IPA funded projects, notably PAMECA IV considered by the Deputy Director of ASP as a day-to-day strategic partner to the work of the ASP whose support and assistance is still needed to carry on with the reforming of the police into an effective and trustworthy organization.

Being side by side the ASP for almost three years and being there almost every step of the way assisting in and witnessing the becoming of the ASP a more reliable and sustainable organization, applying more and more the best EU standards in terms of regulatory framework, management and operations and notably in international police cooperation, the Team Leader of PAMECA IV, Mr Butini expressed his confidence that the Albanian State Police is in the right path.


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