Practical Training on Concrete Cases of Fight Against Organized Crime.


Practical Training on Concrete Cases of Fight Against Organized Crime.

PAMECA V conducted a practical training on concrete cases of the fight against organized crime.  The training was arranged for 32 vice commissars who are attending the two-week training program provided by the Faculty of Security and Investigation, Security Academy, who upon finalizing it, will get the rank of “Commissar”.

The training module “Practical training on concrete cases to fight organized crime” addressed transnational crime of drug trafficking and proactive investigation techniques of fighting it, such as telecommunication and environmental interceptions, tailing and the importance of international relations and cooperation with foreign Police structures, particularly the activation and management of international collaboration and its usefulness in investigations with international ramifications.

The program comprised information on various sources and different methods of collecting evidence, effective ways of establishing a framework of investigative plan, the importance of assembling a multidisciplinary investigative team, practical aspects of how to plan, initiate and manage an investigation process, communication with foreign counterparts and law enforcement agencies concerning international cooperation instruments.

The aim of this activity was to exchange strategic knowledge and operational experience, as well as to share the best European practices with the final objective to further enhance the understanding and competencies of law enforcement officials.

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March 8, 2019 / PAMECA V NEWS